03 July 2012

The 'zoooom' of summer

The whole garden is ‘zooooming’ (humming) from bees, and is at its most beautiful at the moment. 

If you just could smell the roses above the swings, you would feel like you are in the Garden of Eden, so sweet and strong scent you get.

But a lot of other things are happening as well in the garden. 

The fruit really starts to show. Every day I pick a small bowl of raspberries. A little bit of strawberries we also have now and then. The blackberries are on their way and for our salad in the evening we have fresh cherry tomatoes. 

On Pinterest I find a lot of inspiration of what to do with the extra fruits we suddenly have and love to try different things. You should try it too if you have the opportunity of extra fresh fruit in your garden.


  1. Your garden looks great , lovely photo's. Sadly does not feel quite like summer this year in London and our garden is wet and soggy and full of slugs who of course are very happy.

    1. Dear Tracey, I hope you get a more dry summer from now on. Thank you for your nice comment.

  2. Det er vel nok nogle dejlige have-billeder.
    Vores genbo har bistader, så her flyver også mange bier rundt!
    Vores tomatplanter er først i blomst nu... Kold juni i DK...


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