14 July 2012

Mosquito nets

The girls really love their new rooms, but now they are using it, we see that here and there some things are not practical or something is missing. 

Like the other morning when Emmelie woke up. She was full of bites from a mosquito. 
So I had to start my sewing machine again, and out came these mosquito nets for their beds. Simple and practical! Now they both can sleep without being scared of biting mosquitos!

They have by the way also got a few paper pompoms in their rooms. They are so fun to make and is easy to decorated with.


  1. Så koselig blogg du har, masse fin inspirasjon, jeg fant deg i dag via Kasparas bloggkommentarer. Gleder meg til å lese mere inne hos deg, ha en fin helg videre, hilsen Wilhelmines blogg i Norge

  2. Hei Marianne
    Så lekker og koselig soveplass! Hadde elsket å ha det slik som barn.
    Koselig med hilsen fra deg. Glade sommerdager til deg!
    Klem fra Kaspara


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