15 June 2012

Make over's

I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing earlier, but we have been so busy here at home with the attic make over, and everything is taking much more time that we expected. But today I decided that I have to show you a little bit of what is going on here.

I have taken some pictures from the outside of what have happen. We went from two little windows to 4 with extra space as well. Inside we are still very busy building closets and beds for the girls and I am painting and painting every day at the moment. Every time I have painted a layer it needs one more. I hope that the third time will be the last!

I have also made a little make over for a doll house. It’s going to be bookshelves instead.
The girls don’t play with the houses anymore and I couldn’t give it away.

Next to that I am busy with making lamps and other goodies for the girls, but that will have to wait here on the blog. I hope that I can show you much more next week.

Until then have a nice weekend.

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  1. ooh that's amazing - the combination of the white with the colourful paper looks wonderful.


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