30 June 2012

And here is ...

.... the second room. 

The room from Alieke (7 ½ year) She is the oldest one and doesn’t have as much toy’s any longer as her little sister. She doesn’t play with dolls but has a passion in dancing. More specific the ballet. That’s also why we have made her a little ballet bar for when she wants’ to practice here at home. 

The colors she also choose herself. She didn’t want anything in pink. It should be blue or purple and red was allowed. So this is the result for the second room. 

Again we use vintage wallpaper (which by the way is bought by Retrovilla you can live your heart out for beautiful vintage wallpaper) The wallpaper we placed on the closet doors are like in the other room, only every second door has wallpaper to keep it simple but playful. 

Her bed is also places under the narrow walls but in a corner which gives her a little bit more like a hideaway feeling. Next to her bed she has a lot of book standing ( you can't see them on the pictures). We still need to make a shelf for them, but this works for now.





  1. Beautiful. Nice touch with the hide-away bed! A "big" girls room indeed :o)

  2. both rooms are so pretty! love the white + colour combination and the nice hide away beds. And I would have killed for that ballet bar when I was 7 and a half.


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