29 June 2012

And here are....

 ..... finally pictures from one room. 

Both rooms are finished, but we take one at the time. Otherwise it can be confusing which room you are looking at. This room is for Emmelie. She is the youngest (6 years old). 

The room has become so bright and light because of more and bigger windows. Next to that we have build her bed under the narrow walls. That way we use all the space there is and she then has more room for playing. 

In her bed we placed a shelf for all her teddies. She can’t sleep without them, put they are taking too much space in her bed so we decided to give her a shelf’s for them instead. Now they are still very close to her and one or two can stay in next to her in her bed. 

The colors we choose together. She wanted purple for sure, but I don’t like when all is in the same color, so we choose some different colors to go with the purple. Luckily she is very easy to convince.  We also place vintage wallpaper on the closet doors. We didn’t place it on all the doors because we thought it would be too much. Like this it’s a funny accent and brings color and fun into the room.

If you take a look here or here you can see what it was before if you don't remember.




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