01 May 2012

A new hallway

It’s almost two weeks ago that I redecorated our hallway here at home, but I constantly forgot to take some pictures of it. Maybe also because it’s a very narrow space which is difficult to take pictures of.   

Anyway.. our hallway  needed a little make over and with some paint, shelves, hooks and wooden boxes it has now turned into a place where I easily can change the looks with a few things on the shelves and in the boxes on the wall. So if I want more color, I place some bright things on the shelves and when I am into more basic colors, like now, I place things with less bright colors. 

The girls have got a lot of hooks to hang their coats and sweaters on to and also a special one for their handbags. (We don’t have enough space for special organizers for shoes, so their shoes will just be standing underneath the central heating)

For my husband and I we have the wall with the boxes, where we can put our key’s or sunglasses or maybe a wallet or something you know you need to bring with you the next time you leave the house. Like that it gets’s functional and looks nice at the same time.




  1. Hvor er det fedt. Jeg har ser noget lignende et andet sted og været ret vild med det, men desværre er vores entré ikke bred nok. Men det er så fint hos dig:-)
    Knus og hilsner fra Danmark

    1. Hej Kate, vores entre er bestemt heller ikke bred, men jeg fandt nogle kasser som var meget smalle, ellers havde vi heller ikke kunne gøre det her. Er blevet meget glad for det.


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