24 May 2012

Moving around!

Next week we start with the rebuilding of our attic. But that means that we have to clear it before that! A bigger job than I first thought it would be. 

Today I then moved all the stuff that the girls had there; Clothes, furniture’s, toys and their beds. (Their bed’s we have already sold so it was only their mattresses I had to move luckily).

Moving all their stuff also means that we have to store it all over the house. The hallway upstairs is now filled with boxes, and my study has turned into a very cute sleeping place for the girls. 

Onder my working table I have a bed which you can turn into a double bed. I filled it with their mattresses and all their pillows, dolls and teddy bears. I placed their night lamp there as well and when they saw it, they just couldn’t wait to go to bed tonight. But falling into a sweet sleep was very difficult. There was too much to look at, and they were so excited to sleep another place. 

Tomorrow my husband starts with tearing everything down at the attic and then the mess and the dust also begins. But In a few weeks it should all be over again and we will have a nice big bright attic for the girls. I am pretty excited!

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