13 May 2012

A beautiful day

Today has been a really nice and beautiful day. Today was Mother's day and the girls have been making things for me at school especially for this day. 

They woke me up this morning with big smiles and excitement and didn’t have any patience to see me open their presents, so they helped me. Proud they were and happy I was with what I got. 

My dear husband even had a very nice present from him and the girls for me. 

Three weeks ago I started running and he bought me this Nike/ I-pod plug for my shoes, so I can see how far I am running. Tomorrow I will try it out.

For lunch we went on our bikes to the beach and enjoyed a very nice meal there. Later this afternoon (when we were back again) we had a homemade pie in the garden, that the girls and I made this morning, (the girls decorated the pie with a lot's of hearts on it) and later when they took off to play with friends, I just took some extra snapshots from a growing flowering garden, which is starting to look more and more like summertime. We still need a better summer temperature, but it has been quite sunny today.

Did you also have a nice mother's day?


  1. Det ser ud som om der er noget varmere i Holland end i Danmark...
    De paller er geniale til ude-indretning/decor. Jeg har planer om at lave en daybed med hjul under til terrassen.

  2. Hej Loppe-shoppe,

    Det er faktisk også meningen at jeg vil ha' hjul under de her paller og en daybed har jeg også gået meget og tænkt på:-). Synes det er en vild fed og billig måde at lave møbler på. Held og lykke med planerne.

  3. Jamen så er vi da et sjovt par - jeg har hjulene og du har pallerne!! På min Pinterest er der FOTO af fin daybed, som jeg er inspireret af... Spændende om det lykkes os at blive kørende!


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