21 May 2012

Advice please!

I am working on developing some new cuddle dolls and I am making them from organic cotton, but now I am looking for the stuffing and that should be organic too. 

Can anyone maybe advice me here and give me some tip what to buy and maybe also where???  Please!


  1. Jeg mener, at nogle af Steiner-dukke-magerne bruger øko uld... Men mere ved jeg desværre ikke.

  2. Tak Helle, Jeg prøver at kigge nærmer på det.

  3. I've been wondering the same, but I usually just stuff toys with all the fabrics scraps I have lying around, cut up in really tiny pieces. It works well, but can imagine not the easiest solution if you're making a whole series of toys...

    1. Dear Kapucijnaap, Good idea to use fabric scraps, but it will indeed not be an easy solution for a whole series, which I normally do. But thank you for the tip maybe for other craqfters a great idea.


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