24 April 2012

Now also selling on Etsy!!

I have been hesitating a long time about joining Etsy. But last night I suddenly decided to give it a try.

I would like to see if I can reach some more people worldwide and Etsy should be perfect for that. But it also means that I have to dig into a new site and new opportunities and that takes time. More than you think!

But I have stated and you can find my shop here. I don’t think that it will be easier ordering something from Etsy compared to my own shop, but it might reach some more new people, which don’t know about Dig&Mig. So in that way I try to go different ways to get some more trafic.


  1. Go for it - fin Etsy shop og fine produkter. Håber, du bliver "world-wide" :o)

  2. Tillykke! Tror det er en god beslutning, men væbn dig med tålmodighed i starten. :-)


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