03 April 2012


Flavourites.nl is a website which selects the most interesting web shops around Holland. It can be very difficult to be placed on their website because they are critical and quit popular. 

But if you do get placed, you have the possibility to join several different cool events that they are having, like workshops for yourself or popular event for selling your products together with a lot of other creative shops. You should also get more traffic to your web shop and hopefully sell better.   

I really like their site and what they do and for the last couple of years I have been trying several times to be mentioned on their website without any luck. 

But yesterday… I suddenly got an e-mail from them, that they had placed/mentioned my shop on their site, and I now had the possibility to join their network an events. I was so pleased and felt a deep relive that they finally appreciated my things and my designs. 

Having a Webshop is not always easy and it takes so much more time than you can imagine. Next to that you have to stand out with your site and your products, and it really takes time to find that look of your own. I think that I am getting there, and I am proud of what I have so far. I often get a lot of ideas from people who tell me; you should make this or sell that! But it is just not like that! I have to think twice if it really fits into my style and if it brings something new to the market? I don’t want to copy things, but do look at other products and get inspired from them to make my own things.

Now I am curious to see what Flavorites can bring me in the future. Who knows?

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  1. Tillykke, Godt gået :-) Det er altså også bare super fint det du laver!


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