09 March 2012

New traffic

Lately there has been a lot of new traffic to my blog which I am so happy about. 

Thanks to Mollie Makes and Danielle from Thompsonfamily, I suddenly have big interest from the States as well, which is so great to see how you get around in this blog world. 

I just want to say to all you new readers and followers;

Welkom!! and feel free to leave a comment now and then. I will love that!! You can also join me as a follower, a then always be informed when I place a new subject.

I love to see more of you and I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I love to make it.


  1. I saw the feature on Thompson Family Life and I love that gorgeous bedroom, its so inspiring...I'm not surprised you have the extra traffic! xx

  2. Thanks Aliece. Never realised that it could inspire people so much. But nice to see.


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