29 March 2012

A mini easter DIY for kids

Easter is coming closer and closer and we are still making different things for decoration. In particular the girls are busy with all kind of things. 

Here comes a little DIY of how to make an Easter egg with a big splash of color.

What you need is different kinds of paper with a lot of colors or/and patterns on it. We discovered some great paper in the forms for muffins. What the girls then did was cutting different pieces out of the forms. Mixed all colors together and then started gluing them onto a paper egg. (It doesn’t matter if you glue them a little bit on top of each other. If you do so you can make a more finished look). You can glue on both sides and the hang them on a branch or in a window and it will look lovely. Have fun!


  1. love the use of the muffin liners. the collection of colors you used is so pretty! i have liner envy. ;)


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