07 March 2012

Long wanted organizer

Our living room and kitchen are together in one room. That’s where the family always come together and was we mostly live. It also means that mail and magazines and folders end up lying on the kitchen table all the time.

I like when things are organized and not very messy, but it‘s difficult sometimes with a kitchen/living room. We have this Ikea-thing hanging on the wall which has been holding some of the things, but it didn’t work very well and looked very messy. 

A long time ago I was designing a new organizer for the wall (I couldn’t find something I liked in the shops, critical as I am!) and my husband promised to make one for us. But every time I brought it up, he didn’t have time or energy to make one. 

Finally last week when we all had holiday, we made it together. I am very pleased with it and it just fit perfectly into our room. Now we have a special place for the mail, the bill's we still have to pay, the magazines and pens. And no excuses for having it on the kitchen table:-).

Here you can see the before and after pictures.


  1. Wat gaaf!! Ziet er super mooi uit en lijkt me ook heerlijk om in huis te hebben, zo'n leuke en mooie verzamelplaats.

  2. I love that organizer! What is it called?

  3. Hi Tina, What is it called?? Hmmm! I could call him Jim or ... Magz (for magazine) It doesn't really has a name because we made it ourselves. But because I liked you spontanius question let's call him Magz!:-)

  4. Så lækre - og tænkte nok at de var hjemmegjorte :-) - hvilket gør, at det ser sort ud for os, at få sådan nogle :-(

    Tak for link!

    Kh. Mette


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