13 March 2012

I know...

...two happy retro girls coming home from school today!! I just finished these two blouses for my two girls and they will now be waiting for them to come home from school today. My girls love new clothes and I was just in a mood today to make something for them. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen as much as I want to, because business comes first most of the time. But I have decided that I will take some more time to make more clothes for them. I love making it and of course love to see their faces when they receive it. 


  1. ELSKER faconen! Er det et købt mønster?

    1. -og elsker også stoffet;0)

    2. Mønsteret kommer fra et hollandsk blad "Knippie" Et blad med mønstre til børn. Så desværre kan du nok ikke købe det i Danmark :-)

  2. Heldige jentene!
    Blusene er kjempenydelige og stoffene er jo så vakre.
    Flinke du! :)


  3. Ahhh they are so pretty!! I'm working on becoming better at sewing so that I can make things for my 2 girls and for around the house also!!!


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