20 March 2012

The girls are preparing for easter

I haven’t been able to do anything creative the last couple of days!

Saturday I had a photo course, which was not quite what I expected. It was only portrait photography, and was suppose to be half portrait, half products ( I thought). And of course I was expecting learning more about taking pictures of products which is my interest, but the other’s came for portrait and that was what we did :-(.

And then Sunday a stupid migraine/headache started and today is the first day since that I am feeling a bit better again. So you can understand that nothing much has happened for me here at home. 

My girls though took over instead and started on making Easter eggs. The weather is getting warmer and better for every day here, and they are really in the mood for spring. One project after the other they start. Here you can see a little bit of what they are making.


  1. Really cute egg garlands, will try this out with my 2 boys this week I think, thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Happy things!! Happy days!! Enjoy!! ♥ Herma

  3. I hope you are feeling better!

    I love the Nikon camera, I have a similar one & it's great! There is so much to learn on these cameras so don't get overwhelmed. I never took a course but I learned a lot just using different settings photographing the same item. I still have a lot to learn! Good luck!

    1. I am also learning a lot by just trying different things, and I think that I will stick to that for a long time. No more courses for now. Just me and my new camera.


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