28 February 2012

Vacation at home

I am sorry it’s a bit quiet here at my blog at the moment. We are all four of us enjoying the vacation together here at home. We are relaxing, visiting friends we haven’t seen for a while, going to museums and other places and fixing things here at home which had to be fixed or made a long time ago. 

I am also enjoying having a little bit time to explore what pinning can do to you. I finally sign up for Pinterest and I am slowly filling different boards with a lot of great inspiration for in or around the house. I won’t be addicted to it I hope, but I can see what people mean when they are hooked and I think I can handle it. We will see! 

You can follow me HERE if you like or just take a look of what I have found so far.


  1. hi, can i just say i ADORE your boards on pinterest and have found myself repinning more than i usually do from any one person, thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Dear anonymous, I must admit I am a bit hooked at the moment, and I am glad to hear that you get inspiration from what I like as well. Happy pinning!


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