09 January 2012

Recycled wall decoration

I have for a long time wanted to change some decoration on my walls in the living room, but I just wasn’t sure to what? I then started to find different things here at home that I might be able to use and it started with these things you see here underneath.

Last week I slowly started on using and making some things for the decorations. I tried different things out and some of them were thrown away again because it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would and other things were found instead and used with good results. I love using materials I already have here at home without buying anything. I also like to make something different and with a little smile as well.

A small piece of fabric I knitted when I was studying fashion. The embroidery is from a second hand shop and it is felted into the fabric with some wool. The text comes from a magazine and I wasn't sure to place but as it say's...

Hand knitted and coloured afterwards

A crocket half lampshade placed on a piece of felt.

A washing label from a pair of jeans and a aluminum letter.

You know I love old toys and things from my past and I had these cute shoes standing from when I was little, and I just couldn’t resist using them and giving them a new life.  


  1. Creatief en inspirerend:-) Bedankt:-)

  2. heerlijk om van niets 'iets' te maken! Leuk!

  3. Håber det er ok at kommentere på dansk. Hold fast nogle sjove ting du har brugt og helhedsindtrykket er rigtig godt og harmonisk uden at være rodet, rigtig flot :)

  4. Helle: Selvfølgelig er det ok at skrive på dansk her. Bloggen er blevet ret multiculturel, så her skrives der lidt af hvert.

    Thanks for your nice comments.

  5. Hello,

    wat a very lovely Protject.I like it very match.

    greatings send you Conny


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