06 January 2012

Creative girls

My girls are so fund of doing all kinds of creative projects and every time I give them one, they want more and more and more. 

Like this project I gave them for Christmas. A piece of felt with a drawing on and wool in different colors  to work with. It came with a special needle for felting and they just have to press the needle lightly into the wool on the fabric and like that they create a picture. 

Take a look what my eldest Alieke already made (Emmelie is not that far yet).

But... in a book they saw that you could do other things with the wool, and they kept asking to try that as well. 

Today we had the time, and see what happened when you use a lot of soap. We made to start with a little ball, and kept putting more and more wool onto it in different colors, and finally we cut it open and out came a beautiful flower. 

Now it only needs a stick to zit on but that is maybe for later today? 


  1. hallo,

    wat een erg leuk projektje.
    En de keuren zijn gaaf

    groetjes Conny


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