19 December 2011

The winners of the give away

A little late I here pronounce the winners of my give away.

Not many tickets this time so I decided to pick nr. 5, 10 and 15.

Under each picture you can see who the winner is.

Congratulation to the winners and will you please mail me your addresses then I can send you the presents as soon as possible.

Nr. 5:  Louise from Dolls and Darlings

Nr 15: Loppe-Shoppe

Nr. 10: Rarebird


  1. Hurra!!! That's me!! Loppe-shoppe!!
    Ih, hvor blev jeg glad!
    Jeg sender fluks en mail.

  2. Nej hvor herligt :-) Jeg har også vundet yes yes yes...sender dig en mail Rigtig Glædelig Jul :-)


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