09 December 2011

A little bit more of christmas here from me

Yesterday I decorated our home for Christmas. I prefer to use just a little bit here and there and not too much or too many colors. My favorite colors are red and green and silver.

I am not very fund of all these ‘nisser’ figures of Santa or his helpers. It’s ok' for the children because they love them, but I prefer the more natural and classic things.

Here I show you a few of my favorite christmas things in the house. (You do though see a couple of figures on the photos but they are also the only ones I have, and I think these are quite funny as well)

This year we are not going to buy a Christmas tree because we are going to Denmark for the holiday. Normally our Christmas tree is filled with a lot of different things and a lot of colors. Actually the opposite of the rest of the house, but it will have to wait until next year.


  1. Rigtig fine ting du viser frem, hjemme hos er det også rød og gran, sjovt jeg har også lige lavet et indlæg, hvor jeg viser de hæklet hjerter.

  2. Så koselig julestemning du viser, inspirerende og fint! Ha en fortsatt fin advent!
    Hilsen fra Nina


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