11 December 2011


Friday the girls had a day off from school and we used that day for baking Christmas cookies.
In Denmark we have these ‘Klejner’ you eat every year for Christmas. Lovely cookies you bake in a pan with fat.
You have to make them in a special way, but the girls are too creative to only make one kind of form for a cookie. So it has become a tradition in our home to make the reindeer as well and this year the bell took his entrance, so we now have tree lovely forms.
Because you need to bake them in a pan with fat instead of in the oven, it always smells so much in the house. So I always cook them outside in a fried pan, and in the meanwhile the girls are outside as well playing and watching how the pile of cookies grow bigger and bigger.
The Christmas is now coming closer and closer and I am getting more and more in the mood.


  1. Super ide med at koge dem udendørs, så man slipper for fedtstank i hele huset :o) Elgene er bare skønne!

  2. I'm from Chile, and we have a traditional fried pastry called "calzones rotos" or "ripped panties". The first cookies above are identical. It's a rectangle with a hole where you twist the dough.
    At first sight, the only difference is we sprinkle over powder sugar.

    Love your blog, regards!


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