19 December 2011

Christmas dinner

As promised I herby show you some pictures from our Christmas dinner last Saturday. 

The pictures were taken in the afternoon before the guests arrived and don’t really show the atmosphere we had at the party, because the candle’s now not were lightened. I forgot to take pictures in the evening because I was too busy with the food and because it was so cozy that I just totally forgot it. Sorry! 

We had made a really Danish dinner with a lot of different fishes and dishes and in the middle of the night we had and game with presents that I think every Dane would know of, and it just went totally wild this year. It was so funny and crazy like I never before have experienced. And I think everyone there would agree with me. 

But, it was a successful evening and I think everyone was enjoying themselves. I was very pleased with the evening and did even had time myself to enjoy the party. But that was also thanks to my dearest girlfriend Kristine who I planned this evening with. It was a party that will stay in our memories for a long time.


  1. Sikken stor stue du har med plads til både kæmpejuletræ og langbord. Man kan tydeligt mærke, at det har været en dejlig fest, sådan som du skriver om det.
    Dejlig jul til dig, Marianne.

  2. Hej Kate, Det er slet ikke min stue. Det er en kantine på min mands arbejde. De har et cooking-studio der med stor køkken og så indrettet kantinen som en slags café. Og ja det var en skøn fest. Også en dejlig jul til dig.


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