14 December 2011

Christmas dinner / Julefrokost

At the moment I am very busy arranging a Christmas dinner together with my very good danish friend Kristine here in Heiloo. 

We have been planning this dinner for a couple of month now, and Saturday is finally the big day. We will be 22 people (no children are allowed) and we are going to have a lot of Danish food, snaps and beer (beer will be Dutch), and we are busy making it a big Danish Christmas experience as possible. 

I have also been working on the decoration for the table and I will here show you a few things I have been making. When the table Saturday is finished I promise to take some more pictures for you.

The glasses are for candles and I have made a lot of them for all over the table.


And a menu for everyone to place on their plates.

But I have much more which just isn't quite finished yet.


  1. Det bliver da et brag af en julefrokost! God fest :)

  2. Tak Julia! Det håber jeg i hvert fald at det bliver :-)


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