06 November 2011


Then came our most wanted Halloween party. As you can see I was dressed as a witch (not very original but it was a character you could do a lot with. Sweet or angry, poor or evil)

I had also made some dead fingers to put in my big witch pan. I made them from a cookie with frosting on it and an almond as a nail. They looked quite great I think. Next to that I had some old dried mushrooms (rice chips with wasabi) and I made my own witch drink to bring along as well; Mushroom spittle with pulverized frogs. Very jummie!!

But the best part of it all was my dear husband. He went a Jack Sparrow. 
He really came so close to looking like him. Everybody was also very impressed of his costume and look, and did not doubt at all about who he was suppose to be. I found the most of his clothes in 2hands shops and the wig and beard in a special party shop nearby. The make-up he did all by himself. He was really hot and sexy, just like the Jack Sparrow we all know. 

We had a great night dancing a lot and laughing about all the other costumes. Normally my husband has no hair on his head at all. So you can imagine that it was a big change and very warm for him as well, and I have a feeling that it was not the last time he looked like Jack Sparrow.


  1. Wauw Marianne. Både du og manden ser fuldstændig fantastiske ud. Det var da vildt, som han ligner Jack :-) Du skulle næsten sætte et "før og efter" billede på ;-)
    Jeg så, at Vintage Kids sælger nogle af dine skønne sager. Jeg må ind forbi butikken og kigge en dag:-)

  2. Hej Kate, Jeg skal lige høre om han er villig til at sætte et før og efterbillede på. Men det er rigtig. Det kunne være skægt at se for jer derude.
    God fornøjelse hos Vintage Kids når du kommer forbi en dag. ærgeligt at jeg bor så langt væk.


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