09 November 2011


In May this year we order this woolly carpet and thought that we should get it 3 to 4 month later (its special made for the size we wanted). But we are now 6 month later and just finally received it today.

I have really been looking forward to this carpet. First of all because it’s very special and rough, and second because I wanted the room to look much brighter than with the black carpet that we had.

All my expectations came true and I am very pleased with it. It was really worth waiting for. Now we are ready for a cold and snowy winter.

I actually thought that our cat would find it interesting as well, but she didn’t lift an eye for it and just went to sleep on her favorite spot on the couch instead. 


  1. wat een zalig tapijt, wij dachten ook dat onze kat er niet van weg zou te slaan zijn toen we ons nieuw tapijt hadden en onze schapevelletjes maar nee hoor hij blijft lekker in de zetel liggen.

  2. there is so much cuteness going on in your blog, including your cat :O) If you visit my blog, you can see that my cat looks a bit like yours!
    vh Nina


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