13 November 2011


The other day I was cleaning up in my drawers in my studio and found a lot of different things I had forgot about. 

Like these Barbapapa toy’s. I got them as a child from my grandmother. She had bought them from another lady who made these stuffed Barbapapa’s. 

I just love them because they have a long history by now, and they are really made with care.

When my mother found them for me, (I was pregnant), they couldn’t stand right up. They would fall all the time. But I wanted them in my baby room and got the idea of using them for a mobile instead. 

I placed a string in top of all Barbapapa’s and tightened them to two sticks I had painted white. They were hanging in different lengths and that was a bit of a puzzle, because they were all in different sizes. But the result was simple a cute. Both my girls have been looking at them for years and were not happy the day I removed them because I thought they were too old for a mobile.

I started looking for pictures from when we used them the first time and that was in Amsterdam, when we were living there. I also found these other pictures from the first baby room there, and I just had to share some of them with you as well. 

It was a small room but still I love it when I see the pictures again.


We had a wall + closet painted as the houses in Amsterdam and by the green house we had made these very small shelves by the window’s to place some toy’s on. The blue house is a closet.

The Barbapapa’s now have a new place in the house and that is right here where I am working. They are hanging next to my computer so I can enjoy looking at them every day. I think it would be a shame to put them away again or give them away to another little person. I just can’t do that. They must stay in the family.


  1. wauw.... ze zijn erg mooi en door het hele verhaal erachter helemaal mooi!

  2. Ja! Merula! Soms heb je van die dingen, die je gewoon moeilijk kan loslaten en deze Barbapapa's horen er zeker bij.

  3. Kjempesøte barbapapafigurer! Så koselig at ting går i arv fra deg til dine barn. Det er litt stas med sånt! Jeg var også glad i barbapapa da jeg var liten pike. Koselige bilder fra ditt hjem også :O)
    vennlig hilsen Nina

  4. Maar deze Barbapapa zijn ook wel heel erg leuk!


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