12 October 2011

Taa daa!!

Last night I finally finished the bag for Alieke’s birthday.
I could see that it was a long time ago that I had made something like this, because it took me a long time and gave me a lot of small problems to solve.  But I am happy with the result and now just hope that Alieke likes it as well. Purple is her favorite color and ballet her passion so I hope I’m safe.
The pockets in front of the bag are for a brush and her ballet shoes. Inside for her clothes and next to that I made a little purse for hairclips and hair decoration. When you are dancing the ballet your hair needs to be put up in the right way and then she needs a lot of hairclips.
The grandparents are giving her a total new outfit, so I guess she is now ready to be a little ballet star of her own.


  1. Heel mooi gemaakt! De kleine ballerina zal helemaal in de wolken zijn.

  2. o wauw ik vind de tas super mooi!!!!! Het model emt al de zakjes en de kleur, erg mooi.

  3. Heel mooi! Een prachtige kleur en vooral de prima ballerina maakt het helemaal af!


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