29 October 2011

More of Curacao

The islands Curacao is filled with animals we don’t see here in Europe except in a zoo or something like that. Next to our house there, we had a Colibri which came around every day looking for Nectar. But there were a lot of other colorful birds to see. 

The Flamingo was in the sea aquarium, but they were also living wild on the island.

By the sea aquarium you also had the Dolphin aquarium. Whish was very interesting. There you could get the chance to touch the dolphins or even swim or dive with them (depending on how much you wanted to pay) we took the encounter which means that you may kiss and touch them and a trainer tells you about the dolphins as well. It was a very big experience for us but even more for the girls I think. Not many get the chance to do that. 

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