28 October 2011

Holiday on ...

Last week we had a really great holiday in the Caribbean, more exactly on the island Curacao. My husband had to go there for his work and the rest of us just followed him as little dogs. We wanted to come too and … so we did. 

After 11 hours of flying and a stop on the island Aruba, we came to Curacao Sunday evening (a week ago).

(Curacao you can find about 90 kilometers away from the cost of Venezuela)

Finally we were there and it was warm and so different from what we know here in Europe.

I have to spam you now to give you a good impression of what it was like there. And I am afraid I have to show you pictures over several times as well. So now you are warned!!!

I wanted to show you pictures earlier this week but I had a really bad jetlag with headaches as well after returning home. So this is the first day I feel better.

I start with giving you an impression of the very colorful island. You can see that in their choice of colors for the buildings, but nature has also made a great choice there as well. The natural and the bright colors from the buildings all come together as a big rainbow and blow you away with a big smile everywhere.

Take a look here yourself.




  1. Sikke noget vand og sikke nogle søstjerner! Elsker "de caraibiske farver".

  2. Å så deilige fargerike flotte bilder. Det må være fantastisk å reise dit nå som høsten har startet for fullt...

    Fin fin helg til deg! :)

  3. WOW....! Very nice ;-)
    Åbner butikken på onsdag - skal nok sende billeder.


  4. oh, wat zal het heerlijk geweest zijn. Ik ben er nooit geweest, maar als ik dit bekijk, krijg ik wel heel veel zin!


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