13 October 2011

Be witched

Yesterday Emmelie (my youngest) came to me and said;

“Mum!! Tomorrow we have a little play at school and I am going to be a witch, but I don’t have a witch hood. Can you buy one for me? I want one”!!!  

“Hmm!..I don’t think so! It’s already late and the shops are closing by now”. 

BIG SCENE!!! And disappointment!!!

Hmmm!..What can I do?... Well…I knew what to do and tried to calm her. And then I quickly went to my studio and picked some fabrics and started making a pattern and a witch hood for Emmelie.

An hour later it was finished and she was more than happy. 

"Now I am a real witch, Mum!"

This morning I took a few pictures of her with her new hood, but the light wasn’t optimal, but you can see the little witch, ready for her play at school.

Emmelie’s teacher was by the way very impressed this morning and said to me.

"Wow! I have to remember that you are so good in sewing. That’s always good to know for another play".


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