06 September 2011

Summer sewing

This summer the girls and I have been busy with embroidery. I had an idea of making a cushion for the sofa, and I knew that, if I started on something like that, the girls wanted to try that as well. But a cushion would be too big a project for them, so they started with these cute cards I bought for them instead.
The combination is just perfect for children. Coloring and sewing, and they are not very difficult to make.
They have really been making a lot of them this summer and these are only a few of them.

But my oldest soon wanted a bigger challenge, so she started on a cushion like me as well. We chose a yarn with a lot of colors, so she didn’t had to change all the time. Like that it becomes a happy, bright heart without paying too much attention to the pattern. She is already pretty fare I thing and is doing a great job.

But now the youngest also want to give it a try. But that is a totally different story. First of all; she is younger, doesn’t have so much patience as her sister, and she has a temper if it doesn’t work. But she has started and now we see how far she gets.

The last two pictures are off course from my project. It’s not finished yet, but I am getting there. Now we are back to normal, there is a chance that I forget to finish it, and that is exactly what my husband hopes for. He doesn’t like these kinds of old fashion things, but knows he has to accept a few here and there in our house, because I really like it and I do the decorating in house.


  1. Sikke en skøn ide at lave med børnene, og hvor er du bare sej. Er spændt på at se, om/når du bliver færdig :-)

  2. Tak for dine søde ord. ja, jeg er også selv ret spændt på det endelige resultat. Vi må vente og se.

  3. Ser super sødt ud :)




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