27 September 2011


Last Friday I went to Denmark with my family. Saturday I had a reunion from my old school there and it was my father’s birthday. Two very good reasons to go there for a long weekend.
This year it’s 25 years ago that we were together there at school, and 4 guys had arranged a reunion for us all. 25 years!! I still can’t believe it and that I am getting so old.     Anyway…
A party like that cost a lot of preparation, and I have also been helping the guys a little bit. I have tried to get information from everybody to a blue book. A blue book in Denmark is a book about the people you went to school with. They write some information about themselves or each other. You get a laugh and have some memories for later. I can’t really show you the whole book because it’s filled with private information about everybody, but I can show you the front page.
The party was just more than I expected. It was so cozy and so funny to see everybody again. And it was of course so very Danish everything. Danish music from then, Danish beer, drinks we were drinking then and of course memories from everybody. I forgot to take a lot of pictures because I was talking all the time. But I have a little impression from our table here.
I wish we could have some more of these reunions. Ones in 5 years would be funny I think. But I don’t know if I ever get the chance to see these people again, and I wish them all the best in the future.


  1. Ja! Dit was echt bijzonder gezellig. Het was het zeker waard om daar naar toe te gaan.


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