05 September 2011

Goodbye summer holiday!

The girls have their first day at school today. The holiday is over and we are back to a normal schedule. It has been a very cozy holiday!  We have been doing a lot nice things together here at home, but we have also been away and seen other things. We have been sleeping late in the mornings and we have been baking together, sewing together, playing a lot of games, visiting playgrounds, beaches, cities and much more. But today everything was different again. Waking up early and no more easy going in the morning.
But I am also very happy to be back to normal again. A lot of things, which I love to do, have been waiting for me. Like Dig&Mig products. My stock has become very small and business is going very well at the moment, so I really have to get serious started on SO MUCH. I here give you a little impression of what I have to do, but there is much more than this. So goodbye summer holiday and welcome back to my own creativity.

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  1. Wat een leuke printjes en kleurtjes op de bovenste foto!



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