30 August 2011

Go with the 'Flow"

Time fly away for me at the moment, and I can’t really get started again with my blog. Business is suddenly going really good, the children still have summer holiday, and I want to do so much in all the hours that I am awake, but at the moment nothing works as long as the girls still are at home every day.  Do you recognize this problem?
Tonight I finally decided to make free a little time for my blog.
Just before I went on holiday the magazine ‘Flow’ came with their newest edition. And………. on page 83 they have made a little piece with Dig&Mig. If you are from Holland and you don’t know the magazine Flow, you should buy it. Not because I am in it, but because it’s quite a different very inspiring magazine.
First of all they use a lot of bright colors. Second of all; they use different weights of paper. Thick and thin mixed together. They place small notebooks inside or stickers of beautiful patterns you can use for ‘what you like!’ and then off course they write very interesting articles. I love the magazine because it’s different than others and because they dare to be different.
Here below I show you the front page and the page with Dig&Mig.


  1. ik heb het ook gezien dat je erin stond, wat leuk. Ik ben al fan sinds het eerste nummer van Flow, zalig tijdschrift hé.

  2. Zeker een leuk tijdschrift en wat gaaf dat je erin staat!

  3. Ilse en Marjolein, Ja! het is zeker leuk dat ik erin staat, en ik ben absolute ook fan van de tijdschrift geworden.

  4. Flow is idd een heel leuk en inspirerend tijdschrift..Leuk dat je erin staat :)


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