18 July 2011


I bought these plates a long time ago. They are made of enamel (‘emalje’ in Danish or ‘emaille’ in Dutch).

It was one of my impulse shopping moments and I fell in love with these plates because they look like old porcelain, but are made of enamel instead. Old and new in one plate.

But I just can’t find a place where they fit in. They keep staying wrapped in paper and hidden in a box where nobody can enjoy them. So I got this idea; I want to see if anybody out there would like to swap something with me for these two plates? Maybe for some small pieces of retro wallpaper? Or some retro fabrics. I am thinking in some blue or green colors! (Other colors are of course also welcome). It doesn’t really have to be big pieces. I am looking for pieces around a piece of paper A4.

Leave a comment if you would like to make a Swap (also if you have something else you think could be interesting to swap)

On the back of the plates you can read where the designs comes from.

I am curious to see if anybody is interested!


  1. Oh i would love them!!! Right up my 'straatje'!!

  2. Oh and I have some lovely vintage fabrics to swap for!

  3. Ej, hvor er de fine! Er de ikke allerede byttet væk, er jeg interesseret. Jeg kan tilbyde både retrostof og tapet - jeg kan evt. maile dig billeder.
    Kh Louise

  4. Crafty Mama: Voor ik een beslissing neem zou ik graag evt. wat foto's van je vintage stoffen zien. Is dat mogelijk?

    Louise: Jeg har ikke byttet dem væk endnu og et par billeder af hvad du har at byttet med vil jeg da meget gerne se.

  5. Hoi,

    Ik maak morgen wel een foto!

    Crafty Mama

  6. Sorry! Har først set dit svar nu. Jeg sender dig lige en mail.
    Kh Louise


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