28 July 2011

Nice Neighbors

I have some neighbors across the street which are in the 80ties I think? They are collectors of almost everything that is old. Their house is filled with things you just can’t imagine! And they keep buying things so you wonder where they put it all! But never mind.

A long time ago the woman came to me and said that she had something for me. Something she bought some years ago and it should be from Denmark. But she couldn’t remember where she put it, but when she did she would bring it to me.

I had no idea what to expect. Their style wasn’t really my style, but I was also very curios what she would give me.
Yesterday she suddenly came with a bag. She had found it!! It turned out to be something very nice. It was  a package where you can make your own little city with houses and cars and dolls. You just have to cut it and sew it yourself. Well that shouldn’t be a problem for me I guess!

The design is made by a Danish woman called Jette Viby. I have never heard of her before but it seems that she was a prolific designer from Denmark (1930-1999) who was very active in the 1970s and 1980s and gained recognition for fabric-based educational toys.
The fabric is in excellent condition and the colors are so bright and beautiful. I have to make this thing one day. I just don’t know when at the moment.

I would love to here if there is anybody out there, who knows the work of Jette Viby and maybe has something as well from her.


  1. Wauw,nogle fine illustrationer. De er lige min stil!

    kh Laura

  2. Hej

    Jeg har et stort vægteater af hende. Faktisk har vi to i familien. De er så fine. Det jeg har er købt i 70'erne og stadig ikke syet, men det venter på at jeg en dag får tiden til det :)

    Smil fra Mia

  3. Jeg har lige i dag købt en gammel cutout af Noahs ark i en genbrugsbutik og faldt over din blog da jo lige skulle hjem og google Jette Viby. I posen med stoffet lå der også et billede af hendes andre produkter som jeg poster på min blog snart.
    Og dine stofark er da vildt fede tillykke med dem ;o)

  4. Hej PisserendensPippi. Tillykke med dit køb af Noahs ark. De er virkelig nogen fine ting hun lavede Jette Viby. Må ind og tjekke hvad du har fundet på din blog.

  5. I have three of them, a circus, a farm and a worldmap. They were made in 1983, 1988 and 1989, one for each of my children. I can't post a picture on this site. But love to send you a picture of each if you give me a mailadres s


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