28 July 2011

A give away for me!!

Today I received a present from Oontje. If you don’t know Oontje take a look here.
I joined a give away there a while ago and surprisingly I won a bag!!! The bag is made of this great green fabric and with a cute yellow fabric for the lining with small white dots on it.

The bag will be perfect to take with me on our vacation to France next week. We are going to fly this time to Marseille and then rent a car there. But that means that I have to think twice before I pack our bags. And this bag is perfect to take with me for when we need an extra bag for shopping or trips around the area.

So thank you so much Oontje. I am very happy with this great bag.


  1. He wat leuk zeg! Die kan dan meteen mee op vakantie met de het stapeltje stofjes die morgen op de bus gaan! ;-))

    In ieder geval alvast een fijne vakantie!
    Crafty Mama

  2. Ah, fijn dat het goed is aangekomen!


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