29 July 2011

Dig&Mig at Kidsfactory

A very sweet friend of mine, who lives in the neighborhood of Kidsfactory in Breda, has taken some pictures in the shop of my products, so I can see how they have exposed them.
It’s quite funny to see your own things like that in a shop. And it is also exciting to see if your products are exposed in the best way.
Kidsfactory bought a lot of different items and it can be difficult to expose them all in the right way. I see that on the pictures as well. Some products looks great and other products are too much hidden, but it’s a big step forward for me to have so many products in one shop. Now I hope that the customers also like them and buy them. 


  1. Jag tycker det ser alldeles utmärkt ut! :-) Visst är det roligt att se sina egna saker i en butik! Jag säljer ju i två butiker och jag blir alldeles lycklig varje gång jag ser min alster. :-)

  2. Jeetje he wat gaaf! Moet onwijs cool zijn om te zien dat je spulletjes daar uitgestald zijn en zo leuk gedaan ook...

  3. Thanks for your comments all. It does look great! doesn't it?


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