25 July 2011


The school holiday has finally started here in the north of Holland and time for me and my blog might be less than normal the next 6 weeks.

Last Thursday a very good friend of mine came for some days from Denmark to visit. Saturday was our day alone without kids and husband. We took the train to Amsterdam early in the morning and went shopping and shopping and shopping the hole day. The weather was not very good, so that’s why I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but I have a few to show you to give a little impression about our day. It was a day with market and special small shops you only find in Amsterdam. It was small café’s and a lot of catching up with what has happened the last year in our lives. A very good day that ended with pouring rain on our way home. But we didn’t mind because we were on our way home.

Yesterday my friend went back to Denmark again and today the girls and I have to start a new rhythm for our holiday time here at home. But it is nice to be together and the girls and I have to find a way so I can get some time for myself now and then, otherwise it will be some long weeks I’m afraid.

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  1. Amsterdam is my dream destination to visit. And I would love to do shopping there as I have seen lots of beautiful shopping destination there in the television. I wanna make that happen live for me. God please give me the chance soon.


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