28 June 2011

My day!

Today was finally a day for me, myself. I had reserved the day to make something for myself for the summer. I wanted to do that for a long time, but couldn’t find the time or energy for it. But today I started shortening my curtains in the living room, I made a quick pillow for the sofa and a summer skirt for when the sun is shining.
I made the skirt from scratch. Made my own pattern (a very simple one) and continued until I had this little thing. It was eventually an old pillowcase from my mother’s closet, but I got it the last time we were there. The buttoms actually needs to be much bigger, but this was all I had. Next time I am in town I will shop for some bigger ones.

I have another old pillowcase waiting here for a makeover and maybe I try tomorrow again to make another one? We will see!


  1. Hold da op, hvor er du dygtig Marianne. Jeg er vildt imponeret over, at du kan få sådan en fin nederdel ud af et pudebetræk. Respekt:-)

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful skirt!

  3. Wat een knappe rok. En die stof? Nog ergens te koop?

  4. Hoi Joppe, Nee sorry die stof is inderdaad nergens te koop. Het is een oude kussenhoes van mijn moeder geweest.

  5. Det er mit første besøg her, og hvor er det en lækker blog, her må jeg følge med. Og er helt vild med både pude og nederdel :o)

  6. Hej Leizys,
    Tak for din søde kommentar og velkommen til. Altid dejligt med nye følgere.


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