14 June 2011

Mum! I want to sew my own skirt!

My oldest daughter loves clothes and is always thinking about what to wear. She has her own little sewing machine and had made a little bag with it. But lately she wanted to go further than that, and she wanted to make a dress.
I convinced her to start with a little skirt instead and that was also okay.
Yesterday was the day that we had planned to make her skirt. I cut a simple skirt for her and we decorated it with some nice ribbons and a little pocket. She was allowed to use my sewing machine and it went quite well if, I may say so. (I was of course helping all the time and I showed her were to sew and how to do it, but she did a lot her selves as well). 6 years old is she, and she made her first skirt! I am really proud of her!
It's also a hobby of hers to show of her clothes like a little model. She has become a little fashion addict I’m afraid of. Just take a look of her here :-).

But I have another little girl which loves skirts as well, but she was convinced that sewing was nothing for her, but a new skirt like her sister she wanted as well. So I had to go a little further with the sewing machine and made a second one with another color of ribbon instead for her.


  1. Wat gaaf zeg, echt knap!!! Leuk stofje en lintje ook.
    Mijn dochter is ook 6, zou het super vinden om met haar te naaien of iets dergelijks maar helaas heeft ze het geduld er niet voor... Ik hoop dat er een dag komt dat ze het leuk gaat vinden.

  2. Oh so cute!!! Super nice skirt and a good model too :) A future fashion designer I guess :)


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