01 June 2011

Little 'Toolbox' getting famous

Today I discovered that my ‘Toolbox’ was published in a Dutch magazine called ‘Jij&je Kinderen’.
It isn’t a very big picture, but big enough to make it more famous and known here in Holland. I am very happy and proud to see my products in a magazine. That always gives me more energy to continue with what I am doing. It can be tough sometimes to be accepted with what you are doing, and not only accepted but also get people so far that they will buy my products.
I know a lot of foreign people might not buy because they think that it’s expensive and cost a lot of money to send. But I also want you to know, that it isn’t that difficult to order from my site if you live outside Holland. I have a paying system called PayPal which is international. Very easy to use and very safe to use as well. The cost of sending is not too bad either. You can always check the cost’s before you make you order complete. And if you don’t know how to do it I will gladly help. Just send me an e-mail.
Well... I have a feeling that I am going to make some more ‘Toolboxes’. I just sold two the last couple of days and two other are almost finished to send to other sweet babies. So back to work! 

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  1. Kæmpestort tillykke. Jeg håber virkelig, at det lykkedes for dig at udvikle din virksomhed, for du har sådan en dejlig stil. Når der igen kommer små børn i familien kan jeg love dig for, at jeg bliver én af dine kunder - porto eller ej:-))


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