20 June 2011

How can this be my paradise?

Round 3 ½ years ago we moved to this house with a little garden (13 m x 6,26 m). That’s not very big, but very Dutch standard I am afraid. But we were so happy to get a garden. We were use to only a balcony in Amsterdam, so this should be a big improvement.
I love to be outside and I love flowers and trees and bushes and everything about nature. But in this garden there was only one green plant and some ugly grass. Nothing else! Take a look here on the following picture and see for yourself.

That was not what I wanted for a garden, so I started making a plan what to do and what I wanted in my garden. Not easy when you have No experience at all.
But I started studying plants and gardens and we made some drawings and a plan what to do. I wanted to make my own little paradise in my little garden. I knew that it would take time before I could get so far, that I could call it my little paradise. But now 3 years later.. I am on the right way and I am very satisfied with everything. It still needs to grow and get better, but take a look how far I am. 

In my garden I also wants’ a lot of fruit and herbs. I love fresh things for my cooking and I think it would be great for my kids to be able to pick fruit in their own garden. So we have an appletree,
raspberries and tomato's
And all kinds of herbs
But in a few years we will also be able to pick kiwi's, peaches and nectarines in the garden. And moving on like that, my own little paradise is coming closer and closer to be a reality.


  1. Ja det er da blevet et lille paradis på jord. Hvor er der fantastisk. Du må virkelig have grønne fingre.

  2. Nydelig :o)
    Sitter her å drømmer meg helt bort i hagen din.

  3. Jeg elsker at gå og nysse lidt i haven og hvor skægt det end lyder så har jeg måske nok grønne fingre udenfor, men indenfor har jeg ikke mange planter og dem jeg har får desværre ikke den pleje som dem udenfor. Hvorfor ved jeg ikke men jeg glemmer den indenfor nemt???

  4. Wat heb je er een heerlijke tuin van gemaakt. De kinderen zullen er ook wel van genieten met de mooie schommels en het speelhuis. Ik vind de witte bloemetjes op de foto's bovenaan prachtig. Kun je me zeggen wat dat voor plant/struik/boom is?

  5. Hoi Marjolein,
    De witte bloemen komen van een 'rambler'/een klimroos, en hij heet Bobby James. Hij groeit ontzettend snel en ruikt echt zo zoet en fijn in de bloeitijd. Hij zit wel vol van doornen, maar welke roos heeft dat niet.


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