25 June 2011


It was a very gray and rainy day today, so we had a cozy day at home instead.
A day like this is perfect for all kind of small project and I decided to bake something sweet for us. I wanted to make ‘Hindbærsnitter’(It’s a Danish cake with raspberry jam inside). But a couple of weeks ago I also tried to make Hindbærsnitter, for the first time, and they were not how they were supposed to be. Then I saw a recipe from ‘Bare Wunderbar’ which had made them too (with another recipe). They turn out perfect!  So I decided to take go ones more and this time they looked like this!

Just the way I like them.  The girls and I had to promise my husband to save some for him, because he had to leave for a gig somewhere else in the country. (He is plying the bass in a cover band.)


  1. looks so yummy. I like to make it also once.

  2. Ilse: Als je wil, kan ik je de recept mailen (als je die niet al hebt) Ze zijn erg lekker en makkelijk te maken bovendien.

  3. ja hoor je mag ze mij gerust mailen. roodmetwittestipjes at telenet dot be

    dank je wel!

  4. Mmmm jeg elsker Hindbær! Ziet er lekker uit. Fijn weekend!

  5. Åh, vad fina och goda dom ser ut! :-)

  6. Oehhh, die zien er inderdaad heel erg lekker (en feestelijk bovendien) uit!!

    En als je ooit het recept wilt posten..graag :)


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