24 June 2011

A fruity-flower day!

Today I made this fresh raspberry jam from our own garden. We have been eating a lot lately. Mostly in cupcakes and that sort of sweetness. Today I made a little jar of jam to put on fresh bread or toast.
The beautiful flower box I bought at the local super market. Can you believe that? I don’t know what to do with it, but I had to buy it. I am sure if I can’t find a place for it, my girls will.
And the last picture is for my oldest daughter. She has been walking 5 km every evening for the last 3 days and tonight is the last night. Then she has been walking 20 km in total. I am very proud of her. They walk with 4 schools in total in and around the village and she loves it. Tonight we will surprise her with a medal and flowers because she has walking that far for the first time

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