18 June 2011

Forgotten passion!

Yesterday I was babysitting a 3 month little girl. It’s the daughter of a very good friend of mine. She had to start working again after birth, but couldn’t get a place for the Fridays in the kinder garden until august, so I offered to help her. It’s an adorable little girl and very easy to babysit. My girls are also very crazy about her and find her sooo sweet!!
But all our baby stuff are hidden away or sold again, but I still have these blankets that I made myself for my own girls when they were little.
When I was studying for fashion in Amsterdam I had a passion for knitting on a hand knitting machine.  There are so many beautiful techniques’ you can use to make something special and it was then a big passion of mine. I also bought my own hand knitting machine so I could knit at home as well. But since we moved 3 ½ years ago my machine is still not unpacked and is a bit forgotten.
The blankets reminded me about my forgotten passion, and I still want to restart knitting again, but the problem is time as usual. So many ideas and so little time it feels like. But I do believe that the day will come that the machine will be used again and I hope within a short future.

The last two pictures are from a sweater that I made for my graduation. I still have it as a reminder from then. It was such a big project to make that I couldn’t / wouldn’t sell or give it away.
I was wondering if there is somebody out there who shares my forgotten passion and if there is, I would love to hear or see other great knitting ideas.

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