01 May 2011

We love orange!!

Yesterday it was the queen’s birthday here in Holland and we always celebrate it over the whole country with a lots of markets, festivals and games for young and old. But it all happens together with the color orange everywhere, because the queen’s last name is Orange (van Orange).

The markets you can find in every little or big city and everybody can sell what they want as long as it has nothing to do with a business.  That means that a lot of people try to sell, what they don’t use any longer. Children sell their toy’s they don’t play with any more and with the money they can buy secondhand toy from another one instead. Like that a lot of things get a second life and it is so funny to see what people try to sell.
The markets are particular for the children. They get a chance to earn their first money by making a game you have to pay for, or they play an instrument and hope to earn some money like that. It can also be cupcakes or cookies they sell or other things they have made themselves.
Yesterday was one of the many sunny day’s we lately have had here in Holland and that made the queen’s birthday here where we live a really nice day. Our girls have bought some nice new things and had a great afternoon with a lot of different games to play. And we were happy to see them busy and enjoyed ourselves with a nice glass of wine (or two)

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  1. How nice, it looks lovely! We had a great time too. ✗✗✗ Essie


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