04 May 2011

Upcoming birthedayparty!

In about 3 weeks time Emmelie, my youngest, is going to be 5 years old, and she is having her own party for her best friends for the first time. Very exciting… and who is going to be invited? And what should they do at her party? What does she wants to eat and, and, and,… so many things to think about in her little head. She just can’t wait! And then 3 weeks are a very long time.
Yesterday night I made her invitations for all her friends. These we are going to send with the mail today, and this was then the first sign of preparation for her birthday. I love preparing that kind of things for the girls and they love it (luckily) as well.


  1. Wat een leuk kaartje! Ik kan niet wachten totdat mijn kinderen de leeftijd hebben voor een partijtje als ik dit zo zie. ✗✗✗ Essie

  2. Het komt gauw genoeg en het blift leuk, jaar naar jaar vindt ik! Maar ook moeilijk met wat gaan we dit jaar verzinnen? grote uitdagingen


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