08 May 2011

Mothers day

Today I woke up without my husband next to me….!! I was thinking what is wrong? And then I heard small voices upstairs where the girls are sleeping and remembered that today is mother day.
I quickly closed my eyes again and enjoyed listen to their whispering and happiness to surprise me in bed with presents that they have been working on at school. It has been a difficult time lately because they had some difficulties not sharing it with me, but they succeeded and the presents where so lovely.
Alieke my oldest had made a birthday calendar with a heart for every month and Emmelie had decorated a little pot with lavender leaves inside. And as an extra present from both of them and because I take so good care of them (my husband said!)  I got a new cooking book from Jamie Oliver. Jamie in Italy. We all love Italian food and pasta in particularly here in the family. So we are now ready for a nice warm summer with a lot of delicious pasta and anti pasta food. HMMMM!!!!!!


  1. What a nice presents for Mothersday! Happy cooking! ✗✗✗ Essie

  2. Vooral het gefluister op de gang is zo mooi!


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